Transcript of the Building a City Centre for Our People video

[Video: Music plays. Auckland Council logo appears, followed by text. E hangaia ana te pokapū ā-tāone mō ō tātou iwi - Building a city centre for our people. A map of Auckland appears.]

Voiceover: Auckland's city centre is the beating heart of the region's economy, and is growing at a rapid pace.

[video: zooming in on the city centre and waterfront]

Voiceover: In the coming years it will develop into a more vibrant and better-connected place for people to live, work and play.

[video: centering on Wynyard Quarter. Blue building shapes indicate where development will occur.]

Voiceover: The Wynyard Quarter community is thriving as the area develops. This will continue, as exciting new public spaces, commercial properties and homes are completed.

[video: green labels and shapes indicate the locations of Wynyard Commons, Daldy Street Linear Park and Madden Plaza.]

Voiceover: Improvements along the waterfront are picking up pace as we head toward the 36th America's Cup in 2021, and the new infrastructure being built will be used well into the future.

[video: pans around to the Viaduct and North Wharf, with more blue building shapes indicating development, and green labels indicating the location of Headland Park (10+ years) and Eastern Viaduct. Boats appear, along with the labelled location of the Proposed America's Cup village 2021.]

Voiceover: Quay St will evolve into a beautiful waterfront boulevard with more space for people and events, and with better public transport access.

[video: pans to the ferry basin. Green highlighting and labels indicate the location of the Downtown Public Space, the Lower Queen Street upgrade and the Quay Street Enhancement.]

Voiceover: The redeveloped ferry basin will allow for higher numbers of commuters and visitors.

[video: blue building shapes appear with a label indicating the location of Commercial Bay, and yellow labels showing the locations of the Lower Albert St Bus Station and the Quay Street East Bus station, as well as the Ferry Terminal Redevelopment and the Cruise Infrastructure. A cruise ship moors at the wharf.].

Voiceover: The City Rail Link will open up Britomart station so more trains can get in and out, and Aucklanders can travel around the region more efficiently.

[video: a yellow building shape appears along with a label indicating the location of Britomart Station, and another label showing the City Rail Link.

Voiceover: When Aotea Station opens the surrounding area will transform - with the revitalisation of Albert, Victoria and Wellesley streets.

[video: pans up to mid-town, with yellow highlighting along Albert Street. Yellow labels show the Victoria Street Station Entrance and Aotea Station, and a green label shows the Albert Street Upgrades. Green highlighting appears along Victoria St with a label showing Victoria Linear Park, and yellow highlighting on Wellesley Street with a label showing Wellesley Street Bus Facilities.]

Voiceover: Federal St and High St will also be improved to form pedestrian-friendly links through the central city.

[video: slowly panning out. Federal Street is highlighted in green with a green label showing Federal Street Upgrades, and High Street is also highlighted, with a green label showing High Street Upgrades 5+ Years. Nelson and Hobson streets are also highlighted, with green labels showing Hobson Street Upgrades and Nelson Street Upgrades.]

Voiceover: The community is changing in response to resident and student growth, and private developments including apartments, university buildings and the NZICC will also benefit this growing population.

[video: slowly panning out. Blue building shapes pop up around the city, with labels showing Aotea Centre, Learning Quarter and the New Zealand International Convention Centre. These disappear and there is a quick pan to uptown.]

Voiceover: When the CRL arrives uptown, street upgrades will be enabled and Karangahape Rd's enhancement will provide cycle-friendly access through this unique neighbourhood.

[video: yellow highlighting appears along Pitt Street with a label showing the location of Karangahape Road Station, along with a yellow building shape. A green highlight appears on Cross Street with a label showing Cross St Upgrade 5+ Years. These disappear, and a green highlight extends along Karangahape Road and onto Upper Queen St with a label showing Karangahape Road Cycleway and Enhancement.]

Voiceover: The transformation beginning now will provide an exciting city for future generations.

[video: pans out to show the whole city with the harbour, Rangitoto and the North Shore in the background.]

Voiceover: We are creating a place to be proud of, one that puts people first, and on that is distinctly Tāmaki Makaurau.

[video: Auckland Council logo appears and the screen turns blue, followed by text. E hangaia ana te pokapū ā-tāone mō ō tātou iwi - Building a city centre for our people.]